I hate to sound so cliche, but I truly believe that everything happens on purpose for a purpose. We may not know what that purpose is initially, or what it takes for it to manifest itself, but one way or another, what was meant to be, will be! Losing a significant part of my vision  was the worst and BEST thing that’s ever happened to me thus far. Why?  I’m glad you asked!  It was the worst because as I said on my Welcome page, I was in a good place in my life at the time all of this occurred. I had a plan for my life that was set to  cruise control, and  in the blink of an eye, I had to start from scratch.  I had to learn what I once knew  (or thought I had known) all over again. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, however; it was just the idea of making two steps forward in the so-called “right” direction, all to take a hundred steps backwards. I had a major identity crisis. I no longer had a sense of self awareness nor did I have a sense of direction for where my life was headed, but little did I know, that was the beauty in this entire situation!

More often than not, we encounter certain challenges that cause us to stop dead in our tracks.  We become so enthralled  with the hustle and bustle of life that we sometimes fail to see the bigger picture. Life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs in order to force us to slow down, go through the process,  gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and perhaps a different perspective on  what may be happening in and around us. It requires you to utilize your natural  born senses more keenly.

While embarking upon the journey of rehabilitating and trying to rediscover who I was again, I had come to understand that my “blindness” extended far beyond the physical senses.  The more reflecting and self evaluation I did, I realized that I had no clue about ANYTHING!  I allowed my life’s routine to impair my VISION-my purpose in life. My thoughts, beliefs and feelings about who I was, where I was going, and what was deemed imoortant in my life had become speculative, at best.  I suffered from a bout of extreme Cataracts (cloudy vision) and I needed a cure.

The Commission for the Blind gave me the opportunity to realize that I could still maximize my  quality of life and continue to  live an independent lifestyle through the provision of workshops, seminars, networking with others, educational tools and use of advanced technologies. This is what motivated me to do something I had never done. I had no idea this would be my life path  but here we are!

The crux of it all is that we all go through things, sometimes not realizing the intent behind it. We all live purposefully blind sighted. Why? So glad you asked; as I said before, nothing happens by coincidence or happenstance. At times we can go through life blinded by the many distractions of life, but when we take the time to slow down, focus our minds, tune in to our surroundings and go through the process with a higher level consciousness, it will enable you to “see”  things beyond the surface level. This site seeks to do just that- raise your level  and depth of thinking in hopes of helping you to discover something new about yourself.


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