A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: Who Are You Connected To? (Relationships)

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There are many different types of relationships- personal, romantic,family, professional, to name a few   Each type has a different dynamic but they’re all formed based on the same notion that two people share common interests or likeness and sometimes mutual friends or acquaintances.  Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see a relationship nurtured and blossomed into a bond between two people that could seemingly be unbreakable? Of course we would!   Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way.

It’s  necessary to have defining  characteristics when trying to establish a relationship/friendships  Aside from commonality, there should be a level of trust established. Additionally, honesty and loyalty, wisdom and love, mutual respect and strong communication are equally as important. When any of these elements have been compromised,  it has the ability to potentially ruin that relationship and causes the parties involved to ask a lot questions like… Were we rally ever fro iends to begin with? Did he/she really ever have my best interest  at heart? What was their purpose in my life anyway?  Then we start recalling old situations where there may have been red flags that may have clued you in about the person you were really dealing with but for whatever reason, were overlooked.

So, recently, someone very near and dear to my heart experienced a “friendship hurt” They had been friends since grade school and had been through their fair share of ups and downs  throughout the years; but  this, to her, was the ultimate betrayal.  She had discovered that all of her secrets she once shared had been exposed all because of a minor disagreement that occurred just days before – I n other words, her so-called friend put on her “Petty Betty “t-shirt, went for the jugular, and set out to blatantly hurt her friend.

My dear friend spent hours, as I sat there listening, pining over the details of the initial disagreement, trying to figure out which part of the argument warranted such a betrayal-none of it did if you ask me!  She began to recall instances with other people involving her friend where the same things happened to them; the only difference was that she(my friend) was the one she(the traitor) would expose all the other ” friends” secrets to.  She stopped and said, ” Damn, the signs were always there;   How did I not see this coming?  If she would do this to other people, why would I be any different?”  “Well, Hello lights,” I thought to myself.  She had finally realized what others had seen a long time ago.

Here’s the thing…once a person shows you their true character (in how they treat others. most especiall), believe them  There are no exceptions to the rule.   Everyone has good qualities about themselves and true, no one is perfect, but when you see the same character flaws showing up in different situations, take heed.  Ask yourself,  “what makes me so different that I won’t be on the receiving end of this one day?”

Today’s lesson is to proceed with caution when choosing who you allow to enter into relationships with.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendship, relationship, a business relationship-whatever   You always want to surround yourself with people you can trust, those who have your best interest at heart, who don’t want to see you hurting but do their best to help you in times of need.   You wan people to add value to your life, not take away from you by causing you grief and stress.  You should want people around you that care about your happiness, who can correct you from a place of love in order to see you grow into the best version of yourself.

Have you you ever the saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together?” Well it’s true. Some people have a tendency to pass judgement or draw conclusions about who you are solely based on the individuals you associate with. So,  it’s important to know who you’re connected to.  Guard your hearts; be wise and very selective about who you allow to occupy space in your life and who you invest your time and energy with. It’s no coincidence that you were born with two eyes, two ears, two legs and one mouth-so that you can look closely, listen carefully, run swiftly (in the other direction when you spot trouble) without making too much noise.

I want to hear from you!  Who are you connected to? Perhaps it’s time to clean out your friend’s list. Have you ever been hurt in a friendship or relationship? How did you handle the situation? What did the experience teach you?  Feel free to share your thoughts  let’s talk about it!







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