Check Up:Year-End Goal Assessment!

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I was reading a blog post the other day that asked whether or not I had began to plan for the upcoming year. I thought to myself.,”It’s too early to even think about next year; I’ve got too much on my plate from this year still!”  The thought alone, was overwhelming. I must say though, the idea prompted me to go back and do a check up of the things I planned for the current year to see just how far along I had gotten on my goals list. After doing so, I realized that although I had accomplished a HUGE chunk of what was on the list, there was still some work  to be done.

It’s usually not until after the Christmas holiday where all the buzz begins regarding New Years resolution’s New Year New You” craze gets started with all the hot and latest trending phone apps on productivity, goal setting weight loss and finance tracking goals just to name a few.  Don’t get me wrong, all of those tools are great when trying to start the new year off right, but how is it possible to start anew when you’re bringing in old stuff? I’m willing to bet that this year’s goals, some, not all  carried over from 2014.  Now, is the best time to do a check up of where you are in the goal completion processso that you can begin to make the necessary adjustments BEFORE the new year arrives.  Think about it-it’ll put you further ahead going into the new year and you’ll probably be less likely to quit your resolution before tax season begins. (IJS, you know how we do!)  I’m guilty of it too.

Go on and grab your list that you made on December 27, 2015, see how far you’ve come.    What have you already achieved?  Which goals  on the list  are still achievable within the next 55 days?  That’s right! There is still time!   Last week I wrote a post telling you to just do something- get started.  Now I’m telling you to go on and finish up and finish strong before you make a list of new goals and roll over those preexisting ones into the upcoming year.  Finish what you can,NOW!

Once you’ve reviewed your 2016 goals list, don’t forget to celebrate the things you did accomplish-Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself!  When you fail to reward yourself or at least recognize the things you’ve completed, you rob yourself of the motivation necessary to go to the next level. Thus is why check ups are so essential. It allows you to reflect on what’s done and what still needs to be done or omitted altogether. It helps you to recalibrate your thinking and allows you to tune up your plan of action if need be.    F Finally, refocus on the tasks at hand.  So take a few minutes before the “New Year New You Zombies” attack and paralyze your thinking of having to start over  for the new year-NO! Finish up what you’ve already started!



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