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At 29 years old, my life had FINALLY began to go in the direction I had planned- I had a great career that I had been well established in for a few years, I was in process of completing my MBA degree, I had just settled into my new home and best of all, I was finally adjusting to motherhood! Life was great! On January 13,2010, my life suddenly changed in the blink of an eye-LITERALLY!  So, I’m driving home from work on that evening, and the sun was exceptionally bright for a January winter’s day. As I’m riding down the freeway, I reach to pull down my sun visor to block the sun. However, that didn’t seem to work. My vision began to get blurry so much so I needed to pull over on the shoulder to get myself together. I reached in my bag for my sunglasses and proceeded to the nearest hospital (which happened to beabout 15 minutes away). I remember turning off the radio singing old spiritual hymns from the “Red Book” like,Near the Cross and Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand, I drove more than five miles to the emergency room.  I got rto the hospital and they admitted me immediately. All kinds of doctors were running back and forth asking questions, taking vials of blood, testing for EVERYTHING- Foster’ Kennedy’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis,NMO, Lupus, Lyme disease, Sarcoidosis and a plethora of other things.   I was in the hospital that entire weekend with no definitive diagnosis. The doctors were only able to diagnose a symptom known as Optic Neuritis- which causes inflammation to the optic nerve rendering severe pain during movements of the eye.

Optic Neuritis is typically one major symptom of an autoimmune condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, Sarcoidosis, Neuromyelitis Optica and others.  It’s most common in MS where the myelin sheath or protective coating surrounding a nerve has broken.(I’ll do a separate post of ON and other autoimmune conditions later).  Nonetheless, I was treated with heavy dosages of steroids in order to allow the inflammation to subside; and after three days, it worked!PRAISE BABY JESUS!!!  It was short-lived however, because  three months later, it happened again.  I had another episode of vision loss, completed the same treatment and it worked, but I only regained about 85 percent of my vision back.  I won’t lie, I was disappointed and scared but I got me a pair of sexy specks and kept right on rolling!  June 9,2010, I had another episode; this time I didn’t have the same outcome. As a matter of fact, the treatment didn’t work at all; it was worse because my vision had been limited to seeing silhouettes and objects in black and white only. I was terrified because the doctors told me that I was going blind and they didn’t know why.  I was retested  for autoimmune conditions, AGAIN-all which returned with a negative result. I had a total of 8 MRIs and CT scans, I sought outsecond, third and fourth opinions to which they all concluded the same thing- everything was normal outside of the Optic Neuritis symptom.  This made absolutely NO SENSE to me. “Here I am, on my own, making my own way, starting my very own family and NOW you’re telling me I have to be dependent on someone telling me when it’s time to cross the street among other rhings? This can’t be…”I thought to myself. l shold  remind you that Optic Neuritis is said to be a TEMPORARY symptom to one of the more familiar autoimmune disorders. No one knows the cause of ON and it is known to go away on its own where  one’s vision would eventually restore on its own. The use of steroid treatment is used to merely expedite the process.  So, the doctors decided that they would keep me on a low dosage of steroids in efforts to stabilize my vision and prevent another attack. Well, little did I know, those small doses over an extended period  of time produced  huge  adverse effects; bouts of depression, paranoia and thoughts of wanting to do harm to myself.  I was declared legally blind on June 26,2010- eLevey days after my 30th birthday; what a gift, right? You don’t EVEN know the  half!

Oh…You Won’t Believe This!!!

Eight months after being declared legally blind, I went to the  eye doctor for a follow up and they noticed a slight improvement in my vision and my doctor referred me back to my primary care octor. I went for a routine check up and discovered that I was expecting my second child!! (Yeah…yeah… I already know what you’re thinking so save it, lol) “uhhh… Come again? Say what doc?”  “Six weeks and counting,” she exclaimed!  I,thien returned to the eye doctor and all of a sudden he’s got allllll the answers! He said,” I see that congratulations are in order. is explains why your vision is beginning to improve.” Then he facetiously said that the cure to my vision loss was to stay pregnant! “Humph, somebody done told you wrong doctor, I beg your pardon,” I thought to myself.

Here’s Where  the Miracle Begins…

I the end of my appointment, the doctor referred me to a rehabilitation center to get me prepared and accustomed to my new way of being. Meanwhilke, my primary doctor referred me to the OBGYN. it’s amazing how everything tends to work out even when you can’t see it working out (no pun intended). My OBGYN just oso happened to be a doctor who also rehabilitated autistic children and had a very  in depth understanding of neuropathy and how to utilize your subconscience as a  substitute function when there’s a disconnection in the conscious mind. He  had become fascinated with my case and offered to help retrain my brain by using a different pathway for my brain With his help, coupled with my pregnancy, when I delivered my second daughter, three days later, my color vision was restored! WON’T HE DO IT?!! In the end, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, despite the complications and extended use of steroids. My vision  is stable and has been for the past six years WITHOUT further use of the medication. There’s only two words I can use to explain why the outcome turned out that way… God’s Grace! That’s it! That’s all; until next time…



    1. Thank you so much, Damisa! I kept putting it off because there’s a level of vulnerability attached to it that I wasn’t really comfortable with. However, I felt it was necessary and God gave me the vision to see it through so I’m going to do just that. I appreciate the support.❤️


  1. As my Lil Sis/Lil cuzzzzin all seriousness you not only fought that Evil Devil but you defeated him and showed him that with God’s Grace and Mercy anything is possible and this is a True Testimony…..

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