Meet the Author

Hello Friends,

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am soooo excited about what this site has to offer you as it relates to positive thinking, inspiration and motivation! It is truly a labor of love for me and a newly discovered passion. My name is Mariyhanna and I am visually impaired- legally blind as a matter of fact. My initial intent in starting this blog was  to use my love for writing as a means of therapy to help me become better accustomed to and more accepting of the abrupt changes in my life since losing part of my vision. During the planning, preparation and brainstorming process, I had a good ole’ chat with myself; Self said, “Mari?” I replied,”huh?” (Lol)  Self continued to say,”Girl, I think you might be on to something; there’s a much bigger picture here.” And in that moment I was reminded of something my pastor said during a Sunday morning worship service. He said, “The trials of life you go through are not only intended for you, but for those around you, watching to see how you respond to such challenges.”  It was then, that I decided to not make this about me, but to make it about YOU- to use my life’s events as a mode of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to those of you who may be “dis-abled” whether physically, mentally, or emotionally.   This platform will be used to  help you turn lemons into lemonade!  It will hopefully allow you to embrace your imperfections and see the beauty in them. Perhaps it will help you discover something deeper within as it did for me.I’ve embraced being B.L.I.N.D.(Boldly Living to Inspire the Next Dreamer).  Now, it’s my duty and honor to share it with you!  Lots of love!

Thanks again for visiting